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Does Infidelity Matter in California Divorce Cases? Read Here!

Today, TMZ broke the story that Amber Rose filed for divorce from her husband Wiz Khalifa claiming that Wiz is a “serial cheater". How does cheating in a marriage affect the divorce? California is a “no-fault” state. That means you do not need to have a reason to get divorced. A spouse need not prove that the other spouse was unfaithful. Furthermore, there is no special penalty for infidelity.

However, that does not mean that infidelity does not have an impact on how the assets are divided or whether or not reimbursements are assessed. If Wiz Khalifa was cheating and while he was with Amber Rose, he purchased lingerie for one of his girlfriends, Amber might have a reimbursement claim against him because he used presumptive community funds to purchase that or any other gift. This could get expensive for Wiz Khalifa.

Cheating can also be a factor on the Date of Separation issue. If Amber can show that Wiz began cheating on a certain date, she might be able to establish that separation occurred on that date thereby ensuring that the community estate terminated on that date. See my previous blog post on Separation.