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Why Lauren Morelli Should Not Get Away Scot Free In Her Divorce. Read Here!

In today's edition of the Huffington Post, reporter Lauren Duca reports that "Orange is the New Black" writer Lauren Morelli is divorcing her husband, Steve Basilone and has begun a romantic relationship with Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey on the show.

A link to the article is here:

The article goes on to say that the divorce is "amicable" and that Morelli got her Lexus while Basilone got his Mazda hatchback. Duca then reports "Yet, as interesting as dividing up luxury vehicles and non-luxury vehicles may be, the obvious point of this story is that Morelli is now in a relationship with Poussey and our hearts are just swelling with love right now"

As a divorce attorney, I couldn't really care less whether or not the hearts at the Huffington Post are swelling with love. The new relationship would be the obvious point to a journalist over there, but in the context of this divorce, Mr. Basilone's rights must be adequately protected. A Mazda hatchback does not do the trick here.

If Morelli's brainchild "Orange is the New Black" was conceived of or written, and/or performed during marriage, then the community, which consists of Morelli and Basilone has an interest in all of the residual income generated by the show. If the show really catches on and later on goes into syndication, royalty payments can last for years. The article states in essence that Morelli discovered her own sexuality while writing scenes for Pepper and Alex and probably acted on that impulse soon after.

Basilone should probably be sad that his marriage has ended, however, he has a great bargaining chip here or at the very least he might have a source of residual income for the rest of his life.