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Navigating Through an Ugly Process 

We have been around for awhile.  We have an idea of how to prevent unnecessary issues from arising.  It takes experience and good client centered judgment.  The process is not perfect because it was designed for and by human beings who are not perfect. However, as experienced divorce attorneys, our commitment is to work towards the best solution for you.

We handle a broad range of family law matters, including:

  • DivorceWhen you are married and one of you wishes to terminate the marriage. This can involve a division of assets and debts, and issues relating to child custody, child support, and spousal support.
  • PaternityWhen you have children with another person who is not your spouse. In this case, the Court has the power to issue child custody and child support orders.
  • Child Custody MattersThese types of matters involve where the children are going to live and how their time is to be spent with the parties. Child custody litigation occurs when the parents cannot agree on issues pertaining to the health, education, and welfare of the children or when they cannot agree on a parenting schedule.
  • Move Away Cases: These have the potential to get ugly. They usually occur when one of the parents wants to move with the children far enough away where contact between the children and the other parent is severely affected.
  • Spousal SupportWhere one party asks the Court to order the other party to support him/her.
  • Prenuptial AgreementsPrior to getting married, you and your fiancée can enter into an agreement as to how your property is divided in case you find yourself getting divorced.
  • Postnuptial AgreementsDuring marriage, you can enter into an agreement as to how you can divide your property in the event of divorce, but you need to be really careful with these. They are not the same as prenuptial agreements. We know how to draft effective postnuptial agreements.
  • Legal MalpracticeIf you believe your former attorney was negligent and you were damaged as a result, we can help you sue for professional negligence.

Finding the Best Solution

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