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Asserting the best interests of your child is what we do here at the Hoffer Family Law Firm. If you are facing a child custody battle, you need an aggressive lawyer dedicated to arguing for your child’s best interests.

As a parent, you have rights and responsibilities concerning your child and we understand how important it is to fight for every one of them. When your children are on the line, you deserve a legal professional dedicated to aggressively pursuing the result that you deserve throughout your custody dispute.

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Child Custody in California

The relationship you have with your child is the most important. When a separation or divorce threatens the time you spend with your child or the child centered decisions you need to make f, your best option is to speak with a lawyer. Pursue a winning outcome ith the help of Attorney Jeffrey L. Hoffer.

There are two primary considerations in California child custody cases:

  • What is best interests of the child?
  • Are the child’s best interests served by having contact with both parents?

Custody discussions and outcomes are determined by the parents and if they cannot agree, then the Court. Considerations include alleged abuse, neglect, or criminal activity, even if these allegations are ultimately unproven or false. Judges take into account certain factors, including the child’s preference where appropriate, the ability of both parents to co-parent, and overall stability of the household. When your child’s custody is on the line, you need an advocate who recognizes that you put your child first. Our Thousand Oaks family lawyer will help you come to a resolution which is consistent with your children’s best interests.

Why You Need a Lawyer During Your Child Custody Case

If a custody agreement cannot be reached, a judge, who may not know your family's exact circumstances, will make a determination that will affect the child for years to come. Your family deserves better than this. By working with our firm, you benefit from our reputation and dedication. We always fight for excellent and outstanding results in our divorce and custody cases.

Based in Agoura Hills, Hoffer Family Law Firm represents child custody clients in Thousand Oaks and across Ventura County. Reach out to our team Now by calling (805) 301-5064.

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