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No one takes the decision to dissolve a marriage lightly. At Hoffer Family Law Firm, we take pride in our work addressing the complex family law issues that can arise during a divorce in California. We are devoted to providing optimal resolutions in difficult times.

Clients call our Thousand Oaks divorce attorney because they know that we will provide them the representation that they so badly need. We want each client we take on to know that the divorce represents an ending and a new beginning and we are there to help them through it. We leave no stone unturned and always fight for our clients.

For aggressive representation that values you as a person, contact our Thousand Oaks divorce lawyer at (805) 301-5064. We want to ensure you have the representation you need, fighting on your side.

Understanding the Divorce Process in California

In some instances, if a couple has been married less than five years without children or real estate, have limited property and debts, and can come to an agreement on how to divide property, a summary dissolution can be filed. For many couples, their divorces may not be as "simple."

There are a few steps for a couple seeking a divorce:

  • One spouse files for divorce and serves the other spouse, who has 30 days to respond;
  • Requests for temporary court orders are filed for a hearing on child custody, child support, spousal support and attorneys’ fees;
  • The discovery process begins where we exchange information and documents important to the divorce;
  • The spouses and their lawyers discuss settling the case based on this information.

Our firm always seeks to amicably settle divorce cases following discovery, as parties coming to an agreement and completing their case is our biggest reward. In that situation, both parties gave up something to move on with their lives and will not subject their children to the conflict. However, this is not always possible. In some cases, a trial may be necessary and the resulting Judgment will arise from a trial if negotiations are not fruitful

Our Thousand Oaks divorce lawyer does not bring a knife to a gun fight. Many people have been lulled into the idea that going to Court is bad and somehow wrong or immoral. That is not true. We always prepare clients as if they are going to Court. It is a must. If we settle your case prior to Court, then all the better, but you will not be able to achieve a good and fair settlement unless you go through the steps to prepare.

Divorce Is Unpredictable & Imperfect

Divorces are rarely predictable resulting in many difficult decisions along the way. Hoffer Family Law Firm provides aggressive negotiation as a fierce advocate by your side.

Our firm provides legal counsel during a divorce for issues such as:

As a client, you have rights. Our family law attorney in Thousand Oaks is a trusted legal representative that has served hundreds of clients in Southern California. For the effective legal edge in your divorce case, put our team on your side.

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  • “I would highly recommend Jeffrey if you need a straightforward, down to earth, family law attorney who can get you through your divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.”


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