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Fight Back Against a Negligent Attorney

When you turn to a lawyer for help, you expect to have an advocate who will be passionate about protecting your best interests. Failing to meet this expectation is an egregious breach of trust.

Our Thousand Oaks legal malpractice attorney understands how frustrating it is to deal with a legal professional that is not upholding his/ her end of the deal. Not only do we live by a Client Bill of Rights and operate a value-based practice where all clients come first, but we are ready to take other attorneys to court for failure to provide the professional legal services that a reasonable lawyer would use in the same situation.

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Bringing a Legal Malpractice Case Against an Attorney

The key to any legal malpractice case is proving that a lawyer failed to use reasonable judgment and care that would be expected from other lawyers in a similar case. Simply losing a case is not enough to cause for legal malpractice; you need to prove that your attorney made mistakes beyond what is acceptable for a legal professional. Our Thousand Oaks legal malpractice lawyer can examine all the elements to determine whether you have a valid case.

To prove an attorney committed malpractice, the following elements must be shown:

  • The attorney was legally beholden and owed you the duty of acting properly;
  • The attorney did not act properly in association with your case;
  • The attorney’s conduct caused financial harm; and
  • Financial losses were suffered as a result of the attorney’s actions.

Some examples of malpractice include a lawyer failing to perform an adequate investigation, settling a case without authorization, or misusing the money that was being paid as a retainer for their services.

Put More Than 20 Years of Experience on Your Side

Have you been injured by the professional negligence of a lawyer that you hired? The Thousand Oaks legal malpractice attorney at the Hoffer Family Law Firm is here to fight on your behalf. If you have been wronged by a legal professional, we can review your case, discuss your rights, and take the next steps to proceed with your case.

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