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We have all heard the stories about, "That Lawyer"... You seldom hear people comment or praise ANY attorney. Well, no one can ever say anything negative about MY lawyer. I had no clue what I was facing and how serious the allegations and consequences would have been for me and my family if I had lost the case in court. I did not win the case, Mr. Hoffer did. I was undoubtedly the most difficult client he hopes to ever represent. In retrospect, I am shocked he accepted my case. I called him out of the blue. I was hysterical, frantic and in a state of panic. I left a message. Mr. Hoffer called me back within 5 minutes. Mr. Hoffer made room in his schedule and had me come into his office immediately. Poor Mr. Hoffer. I can only imagine what he was thinking as I was telling him my life story that did not even pertain to my legal dilemma. Calm and cool as a cucumber he listened and listened and listened. I must have called him 40 or more times complaining about this and that. I did not trust or take anyone's advice.

Especially a man!! My case was difficult. Mr. Hoffer had to prove that I was not guilty of everything that was being said and held against me. I required special attention. I got that and more from Mr. Hoffer. In spite of my stubbornness, Mr. Hoffer's cross-examination was better than what you see on T.V. I would have said all the wrong things on the witness stand when I was cross-examined. Mr. Hoffer gently guided me through the ordeal. My best friend was shocked that with my attitude the judge ruled in my favor. Me, too! Mr. Hoffer is an amazing attorney. He is such a Good Man. How could anyone beat that combination? I will tell my triumphant story every time the opportunity arises. Oh, I almost forgot a very important detail. Mr. Hoffer's fees are way too low. Add that to the challenge of Best Attorney in the whole wide world.

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